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** PLEASE NOTE: This site focuses on my yoga therapy practice. If you are interested in learning more about or scheduling a session with me for embodiment-informed talk therapy (as an MS, LPCC, NCC), my mental health counseling practice web site is here or contact me at 720-583-5844.

yoga therapy groups & workshops

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Groups focus on helping people cope with stress and stress-related symptoms – heart disease, hypertension, trauma, addictions, anxiety/depression, and more – by following a progressive, thematic approach:

  • embodiment – noticing your relationship with your body and learning to listen to its wisdom


  • awareness – cultivating awareness of the wisdom your body has to offer

  • acceptance – noticing accepting and non-accepting experience


  • choice – recognizing each choice as an opportunity to choose differently


  • discernment – discerning and distinguishing the layers in your awareness


  • truth – noticing your own personal truth and that it changes from moment to moment


  • truth in action – putting this truth into action in your life


  • flow – noticing flow:  of your body, your truth, your edges and these themes through life… this process, over and over again


Each session includes a Phoenix Rising Yoga class followed by an opportunity to speak of your experience and have it witnessed by others.


If interested in hosting one of these events, please contact me.

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