private yoga therapy

Session Intake Form

It’s like having yoga done to you so you can focus on noticing your unique experience of receiving it.


I meet you wherever you are in the moment and guide you through a sequence of assisted yoga postures, breathing and meditative explorations that are carefully selected in the moment to take you deeper into your internal experience.  I invite you to explore the sensations, emotions, memories or images that are present in your embodied experience of yourself.  At the end of the session, I guided you through integration of those experiences to explore how you may bring your insights into life actions.

come on in... to yourself

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy for Couples

Therapy Sessions Over the Internet

Given the advent of reasonable web communication tools, I am also able to provide yoga therapy services over the Internet for those unable to make it in to my practice location.  For that I use Zoom.  Please contact me if you are interested in trying a session through this format.

Shine the light of awareness on your experience of relationship and open the door to the possibility of acceptance and change with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy for Couples.


Phoenix Rising provides a way through yoga-like experiences to learn more about ourselves in relationship.  It illuminates our awareness of our relationship experience, leading to conversations about any needs to provide clarity, and opening the door to the possibility of acceptance and change.  


This approach helps to cultivate presence to each other in relationship, deepening connection, improving communication, depth and perspective - the very things most relationships in our overwork-stimulated culture want and need.  Unlike traditional talk therapy approaches to fixing relationships, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy's focus is on enhancing and deepening relationships that are not broken.