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** PLEASE NOTE: This site focuses on my yoga therapy practice. If you are interested in learning more about my mental health counseling practice (as an MS, LPCC, NCC) for embodiment-informed talk therapy, please click here or contact me at 720-583-5844.

private yoga therapy

It’s like having yoga done to you so you can focus on noticing your unique experience of receiving it.


I meet you wherever you are in the moment and guide you through assisted yoga techniques and/or postures as feels safe and supportive to your current-moment experience. These include breathing and meditative explorations that are carefully selected in the moment to take you deeper into your internal experience. I invite you to explore your sensations, emotions, memories or images that are present in this embodied experience of yourself.  At the end of the session, I guide you through integration of those experiences to explore how you may create life actions from your insights.

come on in... to yourself

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