Everything you need to know

is inside of you.

As we move through life our bodies internalize, process and filter our experiences – mostly without our conscious awareness.  Our thoughts and feelings remain stored within us and are often the cause of stress, emotional or behavioral triggers, and emotional and physical pain or discomfort.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy offers a way to explore the relationship between your body, your mind and your life in a private context with a certified, highly trained practitioner.  Combining classical yoga techniques with elements of humanistic psychology and neuroscience, Phoenix Rising facilitates the release of physical, mental and emotional tension, often resulting in lower stress and improved stress-related conditions.

I offer yoga therapy in the following formats:

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Bev Johnson
MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling candidate - 2022
Chi Sigma Iota-Chi Upsilon Chi National Honor Society
Capella University President's List for academic honors - Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall 2020

Certified by:

International Association of Trauma Professionals

International Association of Yoga Therapists

Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy

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